Saturday, June 18, 2005

No Voice and a Tux: Part One

Well today is one of my bestfried's wedding and I am the best man. Things have been going great leading up to today. We went boating on thursday and then back to his place. We sat around talking until the late hours of the night. We had the rehersal last night followed by the wedding party coming back to my house for story time around the fire on the deck. Everything was going great until I woke up this morning with no voice! It wouldn't be really that bad until you through in the best man duties. I have to give a toste thing at the reseption. I'm pretty much freakn' out. I know what I'm going to say but I don't yet know if I'll have a voice to say it.

Today is also Looy's birthday! Happy Birthday Looy! love you

1 comment:

looy said...

i love you too.....even if you sound like a woman whose smoked all her life.