Thursday, February 24, 2005

Finding your Neverland

I saw "Finding Neverland" tonight with Looy. A great movie, not sure about the first 10 min. though because we were late. Dating a George, Looy should be used to it by now. Anyway the story is about the guy who wrote "Peter Pan" (who in my mind should have always been played by a male actor). I think one of the reasons it is getting such good reviews is because anytime you have a story where an adult can get away with acting like a child we are all filled with the hope that maybe the next day at work or school we can get away with it. It could be something as simple as not shaving or something crazy like wearing slippers to work instead of Banana Republic dress shoes. It's the little things that make up life, and any time we can find a story that provides an escape we take it.

I loved this movie but it made me wonder how safe it is to not grow up? Being a "Toys R Us" kid is something that we all still want to be, why because we never grow up, we never pay bills, we never put the bike together, someone else is always doing those things for us. Growing up doesn't have to be a drag, I suppose. As I get older and learn that the world is sometimes very crappy and not really any fun. I have to keep in mind that there is something beyond this, something that I am created for, and that is a relationship with the Creator. Knowing that he gives me breath and keeps me alive, makes the bills, the instructions, the growing up not seem so bad. Hope all is well. Check the movie out if its still in your area. Don't be afraid to dream but don't forget, there is more to this life than meets the eye.



looy said...

you put 'love nate' on there, that is kinda wierd. you never put love :)
just an observation....
it was a great movie, thanks for taking me:)

Russell Purvis said...

hey dude, that was a great movie. made me cry a little. YES. I ADMIT A TEAR CAME ALONG.