Thursday, March 31, 2005

Holly, I'll never forget you............

First off, Easter Break was great. We played "Shout" a movie game that's on DVD, I strongly suggest it. G-Force was united in full. The Secret Room is looking better than ever, and we have new aspirations for it. Our new goal is to have Jack Johnson come to C-town and sign the Secret Room. We'll keep you posted. If anyone knows Jack, please send him our way.

Let me now tell you of my adventure with Holly. To those of you that don't know, Holly loves to go fast! She also knows how to play it cool and go with the beat of the iPod. Holly's full name is Holly the Hall Bike but she has now moved out to the world of SWU campus. I think she likes it. I regret that tonight was my first real ride on the rusty yet character filled bike. Our sound track consisted of "Sunsets & Sushi", David Crowder Band's new mix and a few songs from the Garden State sound track.

The air is cool and perfect for a ride. With my pants rolled up and my iPod cranked, Holly and I were off for a thrilling adventure. We started down Wesleyan Drive and turned on to the street by the practice soccer field(I don't really know any street names around here).The first song was David Crowder and it brought back all the memories of riding last summer through the triangle back home. That's from my house, to the other Georges to the Hanks' and back to mine. As I came to some other street, I noticed a figure in the mist. I knew it was some sort of animal but couldn't tell if it was a dog or a deer. I must confess, at first I hoped it was a dog. I saw "The Ring Two" over break and this being my first encounter with the creature after that movie, well y'know you just hope it doesn't chase you. But after going closer and seeing that it wasn't a dog but a deer I had to put my fears aside and just watch it. As I got closer it ran off into the wood leaving a trail of mist.

The next song was also by DCB and it had a very city feel. Now the city is what gets my heart thumping. The sights, the sounds, the music, the smells, the speed people on bikes zooming by your car. Coming so close that if you were frustrated with them, a quick opening of your door would solve all your problems. As the music played I became one of those fast peddlers. I was transported downtown. The traffic was at its peak and I was the only one who could get through it. My messenger bag was full of important documents that had to make it to the court house on time. I didn't have time to worry about traffic lights, or people on the sidewalks. I had to get to my destination on time and nothing was going to stop me.

After the song was over the mood changed and I peddled away to a new adventure. Being as I write this it's the day after, I don't remember all the thoughts that went though my head. But what a night it was. When I got back to the dorm, we watched "The World's Strongest Boy" and then "Extreme Martial Arts" so of course when that was over, we became ninjas! We had ninja tennis balls covered with ninja dust, aka Gold Bond. What a night.

I know this is a long post but I want to leave you with this quote from "Finding Neverland" (my parents got it for me for Easter, how cool are they).
Berry: Write about the talking whale.
Peter: What whale?
Berry: The one that's trapped in your imagination and desperate to get out.

Take an adventure this weekend.


looy said...

sounds like a great night!!!

Joel said...

i'm loving Garden state soundtrack right now....i play it like everyday.

Internet Street Philosopher said...

Cool night.

Brett said...

i'm sorry i missed out on the ninja tennis ball action! you'll have to let me know how it is you managed to imagine yourself in the city on Wesleyan Drive...i've been trying to figure that one out for 2 years now!