Wednesday, March 23, 2005


That's right, tomorrow around 4 o'clock PM the Buick will be making it's famous journey back to the promise land. Ohio here we come for Easter Break! Wahoo!!! So I figured I had better get a post on here, because Dad has been a bit slack, according to Thadd about getting the internet back up and running. This week has been full of ups and downs. I have been trying to get back to my roots with staying up to date with what is going on in the world. Jack Johnson has good reason to write songs asking "where did all the good people go?" (to me he's talking about the news). Alas it's true, the news has been a bit down. Just yesterday while waiting for class to start an Amber Alert came on the TV. They later found the 4 & 5 year olds. Side note: we prayed for those kids at around 12 noon and before 4:30 they were found. The Amber Alert system is amazing! But more importantly God is amazing, how he gives us the brains and inspiration to come up with a missing child alert system.

Looy and I went to Walmart Monday night to get some candy to send to her little brother for Easter. He's six and really just a cool little kid. I feel it is my job to encourage him to do boy things. This kid has 4, count'em 4 women in his life, he needs someone to tell him it's alright every now and then to throw mud or spit. Anyway, it was just really cool to get to send him some stuff. But as we walked out of the store with our bags of candy and a thing of Silly putty for not only Josh but for me, there was a bulletin board with pictures of missing children. It made me think of those things you get in the mail, the "Have you seen me?" post cards. Most people have usually been missing for awhile. One lady on the board has been missing sense '75! They use age advancing software to help you see what they look like now in case you work with them or something.

It was a very sobering moment for me. Looy on the other hand was being Looy and laughing at the thought of what she will look like in 30 years. It was just very sad to think about missing kids. And how helpless they are. I suppose if you think about it that's how most people live their lives. Maybe something happened early on in life and they were "taken" and now they just don't know anything different. Makes you think how God might feel, knowing his children are out there and they don't know that they are missing.

Keep an eye open for Amber Alerts and be in prayer for God's missing children, you might even live with them. Be sure to check out the Amber Alert Systems web site:

cheers darlin'


Joel said...

I wish i got to go home to the land of milk and hunny.......i miss it so. Kiss the ground for me nate.

looy said...

i wasnt being insensitive or anything about the lost kids, i was just thinking it would be kinda cool to get the age progression done for myself to see if i really will look like mom when im older. :)