Friday, April 15, 2005

Gold Bond Vs.UV Rays

I have often been skeptic of these things, Tanning Beds. Why would you want to lay in a bed wearing nothing, being totally exposed to ultra violent rays. I know that it's not violent but to my body it is. I don't think a guy that "lays" (as the common tanning bed goer would say)is gay. I just think that people that microwaving their bodies are sad. It's not real, it's risky, and it's expensive. You miss out on all of the fun with being outside. Now with all this said and the recently learned lesson that I'm not consistent in things. I am sadden to report that I laid, I laid in a tanning bed! I was at Looy's house and her mom has a bed so with Looy urging me on and saying that I don't do enough spontaneous things as it is, I lotioned up and jumped in the bed.

It was at first kind of cold and I felt pretty vulnerable. There wasn't a lock on the door so if somebody forgot that I was in there they could have just walked right in. No one did thank goodness. The bulbs started to warm up and I started to relax. The warmth of the bulbs start to replicate that of the sun on a day at the beach. I started to feel sleepy and it was in the end a good time. Looy and I both stank the rest of the night from the lotion and that fact that we toasted our bodies. We were set to head back to school the next day. Before leaving, Looy wanted to cook one more time. Remembering how nice it felt the night before I thought to myself "one more time wont hurt". I jumped in, this time with music playing and the bulbs already warmed. After getting out this time something was different. I was burned! I had cooked my skin and it hurt. I didn't realize the full affect until later that night when the mid section of my body was itching like I had hives or something. I bathed myself in some aloe and then Gold Bond.

The moral of the story, if your going to follow the crowd, be ready to pay for it.


looy said...

at least you know what hives are like now :)
and yeah...good moral, but i didnt make you do it, you just cannot stand agains peer pressure. jk

Joel said...

I too have "layed". Although i'm not proud, I do have to say that i did it because i had a free gift certificate and I was on my way to Guatemala. So did you go in your boxers or did you use a sock. I prefer the sock method.

Brett said...

it's good to know you finally got laid...oh wait...nevermind!