Tuesday, June 14, 2005


Another week has begun. It is of course as hot as satan's underpants! I just yelled out loud how stinkn hot it is. It in fact, it is so hot that I'm am now returning to entering this post. I had to leave our little happy trailer for a computer lab to refresh myself.
I had a wonderful weekend. Looy came down and got to meet everyone and ended up staying an extra day and got to meet my kids. It was a great weekend. Because of the heat is this building I am gonna keep this short. Today during our little devos time. One of the students was acting up. Nothing really out of the ordinary, but Jermain (sp) who is 6'6" and about 240 lbs took the little fella out for a talking to. He was about to bring him back but we were praying. I was keeping my eyes on my kids while we prayed and I looked across the pavilion to see Jermain standing over this kid praying with him. It was an amazing image. Jermain is so big and kind of scary looking if you didn't know him. The child he was holding was pretty much helpless. Jermain was not going to let go because he cares so much for these kids. To see Jermain's huge body and I mean huge strong loving body engulf that child with love only made me think of how much our God loves us. He holds us with his big strong arms and engulfs us and won't let go. He pursues us with all his heart and won't stop. It was just such a comforting sight, to see a picture of God's love for these kids and for me and for you. I hope you all think about God's love for you and for the people around you.
-keep searching


looy said...

thanks for the encouragement....i needed it this morning

Brett said...

hey nate! thanks for your comment...sounds like your summer is going well, despite the heat! I remember what Macon heat is like from when i was there...and that was in May...so i can only imagine what it is like now! i'll be praying for you and for the kids...I know that God will use you to greatly impact their lives!