Sunday, September 25, 2005

Post Weekend Update

The Weekend Movies went as follows:

"Fear and loathing in Las Vegas" Jonny Depp
Depp is on drugs the whole movie, but this really showed his talent. He usually plays somewhat off characters it seems, and this is one of the wierdest. A good performance.

"Memento" Guy Pearce
This movie was recommended a few years ago. I saw it about two years ago and loved it. The guys hadn't seen it so it was a must.

"Lords of Dogtown" This is a movie that first came out a few years ago as a documentary about a group of kids in Venice Beach CA. They are pretty much the founding father's of today's skate culture. The documentary was called "Dogtown and Z-boys". It's a good look at where it all started. Heath Ledger does a great job in it too.

Eric Clapton, he didn't show up this weekend. That was a bummer, but unfortunately Movie gallery didn't have any of EC's stuff. Oh well, I'll be in paradise next week where Thadd and I can watch Crossroads over and over.

Don't forget David Crowder Band Tuesday. Also be sure to check out North Mississippi Allstars' new album.

Have a great week. Should be a good post coming on Churches that were visited over the weekend soon.


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