Friday, September 23, 2005

New Stuff

Wahoo! I'm in the beginnings of putting my own photographs on here. Just be sure to scroll down to my flickr link. Post a comment on the pics there. Thanx Brett for the motivation.

Movies for the weekend:

Eric Clapton Live: reptile Tour

Some Los Vegas Movie

and hopefully something crazy

enjoy your weekend


Jenna said...

enjoyed looking at your pictures! they are great--i love the two with the little ones. miss them yet? 'frog pledge day' was a good day. hope you're doing well, tell looy i say hello!

looy said...

hey jenna...
great pics nathan.....:P
you continually amaze me, even though i've seen those before, it's just a reminder of how wonderful you are (not just taking pictures, but everyting)
thanks for making me smile