Wednesday, October 19, 2005

"Is that concrete in your deodorant or do you have a question?"

Clouds broke open today, the sun shown it's light and let us feel it's warmth. The mornings here in Central are very cool, it is finaly alright to wear a hoody to class, as long as it is before lunch. In Central the hottest part of the day seems to be 4:30 till 6:30, not like Ohio where the warmest part is 2:00 o'clock or so. As the day goes on it gets warmer here and today is no exception.

This week's chapels are inspired by Robert Randolph and the Family Band's tune "Going In The Right Direction". It was going to be sweet, full of road signs, yellow tape and a video for the intro of the service. Well whoever was supposed to make the video, for whatever reason didn't and that ment no yellow tape or road signs. But as the clouds of gloom and disappointment lifted God met us in Folger, with out the fancy decorations.

Today's service was a salvation sermon, about getting in a right relationship with God and that is the only Direction to go. I of course was late by normal person's idea of the word. But I did catch the end of Doc's message. I watched from the back as people sat listening or pretending to, and just thought what if today was the day that somebody made the biggest desion of their life? The student chaplains were supposed to be down in front to talk with people if need be. I made my way down and stood at the foot of the stage hoping and praying that someone would stop by or at least say hey. The rows of people quickly emptied and there was one kid left. He was standing there squinting at me. I knew that there was nothing behind me so I was a little puzzled. I turned to Cody to realize that we had on almost identical shirts on. I turned back around trying to look professional and here was that kid, right beside me talking to the other Chaplin.

I stood there listening as Ashley tried to figure out what this kid was dealing with. Did he want to get saved, or did he just need someone to listen? I was engulfed with questions. Ashley on the other hand was running out of questions and resorted to "would you like Nathan to pray for you?" I was a little surprised, Ashley was more than capable of praying for this troubled soul.

We gathered around him and I began to pray. It was crazy, the only thing information this kid gave us was that something just was tugging at him. Or something to that affect. So with out knowing what to pray I began and just asked God to prove himself to this kid. The beautiful thing was that I think as I was praying, God was proving himself to me! Saying something like, "you need to pay attention to me because I'm about to use you, be open and willing. I know you have crap in your life and screw up pretty regularly but I can work through that, I want to shine though the cracks of your life. My power is made perfect in weakness. Trust me."

So be open and willing to go all out for God, he has given you an invitation to join him, to partner with him, and wants to give you a life that is full and amazing.

Anyway if you are at SWU, be sure to come to chapel Thursday for "Going In The Right Direction Part II". I think I'm gonna bring my iPod so Robert can set the mood!


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Cody Thomas said...

You have to admit that we looked hot wearing the same clothes...we're a team like that!