Monday, November 21, 2005

Wet shoes

Today Charles stopped me in the Cafe and asked if I would help him type a paper, I had heard from another guy that he might ask me. I had just finished telling someone that I would be going to the library to work on a paper, which is something I want to start to do. The paper isn't due for like a week, not tomorrow. So I was prepared to really do some good work. I reluctantly told Charles that I would see him at 2 in the library. Charles isn't able to type very fast because he is disabled. But he's the funniest kid, he's black and always makes fun of us for the white things we do. But he told me today that his family makes fun of him because he likes NACAR, I would too. I came out of the bathroom just in time to watch Charles turn the conner. I was faced with a choice. I could turn the other way and take the elevator to avoid him or follow him and do what I said I would do.

How crapy of a person am I, that I actually thought about not helping him? Not because he's in a wheel chair or because he's black but for the simple fact that I did not want to help him. I looked down at my feet that were still wet and making funny noises when I walked, and made them walk to follow Charles. I typed the paper for him. ( the content of the paper is another story, I'm not sure he knows what "citing" is. I know the Prof he has so I might mention something to him to be aware and let the Prof help him with that. I couldn't figure out what the Prof had wanted Charles to do. I just typed)

I typed the paper which wasn't very long, and while we were down in that basement, we had a connection. I knew that I needed to help him. I know that God has a huge heart for people that are unable to do things for themselves. Charles when he wasn't saying something funny would tell him how much he appreciated my typing his maybe plagiarized paper for him. I didn't really think much of it, I was still in disbelief that I questioned it. When I finished Charles laid his awkward shaped hand on my shoulder and prayed for me. I was listening to some of the most beautiful words ever spoken about me to God. He asked that when Jesus comes back, that Jesus would remember this day and reward me. This was a huge statement, all I did was type a paper for like 30 mins. I didn't cure him, I didn't give him money or tell him that he would be able to come back to SWU next semester. But he was so blessed for some reason and in turn I was blessed tremendously by his love for God and for me.

I used to think that people that drain our welfare system and crowed our nursing homes should be put on a boat and set out to sea. But I remembered that those sometimes really annoying words that pierce your heart, but beautiful words that Jesus said, "whatever you do for the least of these, you do for me." Maybe some people are a drain but it doesn't mater, God loves them and whatever this looks like, I am supposed to love them also.


Anonymous said...

So you no longer believe we should just pull the plug and get rid of old people?...I'm glad you finally got saved and saw the light =)

Joel said...

its true,.......sometimes there is an occasional person that actually deserves welfare. Unfortuately, as I see in the hospital a lot, most of them are ignorant, selfish, lazy people that won't work because they've been given everything for free. Its a shame they screw it up for the few who need it.