Monday, February 06, 2006

On Assignment: NC Falls

From "The Greatest Show on Earth!" to the powerful water falls on the Western North Carolina Mountains, we took a trip around the world. Friday night we ventured in to Greenville on another funfilled student activity. Thomas and I have been asked to help with advertising, so we kind of need to go to the events. We piled into four 15 passenger SWU vans and headed up Rt. 123 to the Bi-Lo Center in downtown Greenville. The Circus was great! Where else can you see men juggling hats, climbing on top of one another to juggle more hats, or a house cat climb a 25 ft pole and jump into it's trainers arms. Or see a Jeep drive over a man or my favorite, guys on this huge swing thing, hurling each other into the air to do all kinds of flips, spins and twists! If you went with the eyes and mind set of a nine year old, it was all pretty crazy. I also kept trying to remember what happened in Don Miller's book "Searching For God Knows What?" when he meets some circus folk on a train. I kept hoping that I would bump into one of those little Oriental Men and pick his brain and tell him that is a super hero in my book. But I didn't.

After getting back to school, we threw some cloths in a bag, grabbed our iPods and cameras and jumped in Lyle's Xterra. I love when we drive that. Especially when we take on trails and have our iPods hooked up. I feel like I'm in an add! Like I was walking down the street and an agent said hey, your scruffy and yet kind of look like Tom Cruise, would you be in the next Xterra add? (Mom, I had this Japanese guy say I look like Tom Cruise, one down, one more to go for the month). Real quick about the blip to my Mom. No kidding, twice a month I get told that I look like Tom Cruise, I'm not complaining, I just think it's funny.

After making it to Bervard, we chatted with Lyle's parents, stayed up to watch Mute Math on the late late show and then crashed. We were supposed to get up early to work on Lyle's bumper, but we slept in. Then the real assignment went down! We traveled up some curvy roads, park in a dirt grave parking lot and started up the mountain. Here's why I felt like I was on assignment for some magazine. I was wearing my only pair of tennis shoes, and jeans and a button up short sleeve shirt and Thadd's Billabong hat. I just looked like I had gotten off the plane, found my guide and went, completely unprepared for the weather and terrain. It was very crisp out, and we all had short sleeves on. We had a great time looking at the powerful water falls. When we would get close to the bottom, we would have to shout at each other to talk. Having to wipe the mist off my lens some 25 or 30 ft before we got to the falls was pretty cool. It was a beautiful day and a great trip. I hope to have some pictures on the trip on my Flickr site soon, so look for those. Have a great week!


Brett said...

so just what does that mean?..."it was very crisp out"?

Brett said...

yeah...i will be there on the 24th-26th. just a few weeks....and yes, things are amazing.