Thursday, February 16, 2006

Operation "Dam Wall"

The night sky is full of stars, the moon is yet to rise and you can't see anything farther than 3 feet infront of you. I tell my partner that we have to stick close because we don't know what's out there. It's the day after V-day and Lyle and I are setting stuff up for Thom's big date with a girl! We reach the camp site and quickly get the fire going. It provides much needed light and as we work, much needed heat. I pretend we are spies, with our black and grey Peacoats and dark tobagans. The reflection of the fire dancing on our glasses gives away our possession. We set up Base Camp A and make our way to the waters edge to board our PWC, a canoe. I climb in the back and Lyle shoves us off. We dash across the lake like a winning crew team. The boat gracefully cuts through the water as our oars in sink push us through the water.

We reach the bank and run to Base Camp B. We light the candles and lay the blanket. The realization comes that the candles wont stay lit. We need to plant a match book for Thom. We shoot across the lake and I wait in the water as a look out as Lyle retrieves the matchbook from Base Camp A. Darting back in and forth on the glassy surface of the lake, we accomplish our fist task.

Our next mission is Top Secret. We wait an hour or so for "Go Time" to arrive. During this hour the game stops and real life kicks in. Talks about girls, regrets, new friends and old, music and a good game of "20 Questions" help pass the time. Laying on the dam watching the clouds move in and now cover the overly bright moon provide perfect cover. [a gnat just crawled across my classes, I thought I was going blind] The mission goes is compleated with only one hitch, I almost through our tool over the dam. I got scared and just tossed it, landing a mere six inches from the edge. If it would have gone over the whole operation would have been a failure. Lyle and I grabbed our gear, and ran across the dam wall like a spy would run. Operation "Dam Wall" is a success.

We celebrate with Taco Bell and laughs.

-This post was inspired by a survey in the USA Today on Wednesday Februray 15 surveying kids, "When I Grow Up: Top Jobs chosen by kids". Spy/agent for the FBI or CIA got the top votes. Another dream of mine lived out.

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