Tuesday, March 14, 2006

New Photos Up

I just uploaded a few new Photos taken last week in Columbus. I wish I could have taken more, but I slept in during the day and the days I didn't it was raining. I was looking back over the photos on the Flickr site and the ones that I think are pretty cool never seem to get as many views as the ones that I think are just ok. Kind of funny how that works. Anyway weekend recap.
Friday, oh man Friday: lunch at Eddie's George's Grill and watched OSU beat Penn St. Then walked up High Street. Had dessert at the North Market and got some new tea. Later that night saw "Failure To Launch" with the Hanks', good movie. Late night dinner at Champs.
Saturday: B&E's for some Chipolte! Amazing. We walked there and went down this sweet street in German Village. If your ever in Columbus take your girlfriend or boyfriend for a walk down Beck St.
Watched "Lord of War" and had tea and dessert and talked about law stuff and music.
Sunday: church then lunch with the fam and drove back to school.

Set list for my driving shift.
Dave Barns
Adventure in Odyssey, yeah I still listen to that on trips!
and the radio

Be sure to scroll down to the Flickr link on the right hand side. Have a good week. Oh yeah I picked up Don Miller's new book. Pretty good so far.


Martin LaBar said...

For some reason, I don't see a Flickr link.

Martin LaBar said...

Today, I can see them. What can I say -- it's a computer.

Cap'n said...

Whit, Connie, and the gang always seem to make trips go faster. Nice pics - you just keep getting better and better.