Sunday, March 26, 2006


The stars twinkled a little brighter last night. I was with about 50 students out at a bonfire listening to students talk about their love of God. This weekend we had FOTC, Fellowship Of The Called (People who feel that God might be calling them into full time ministry). We had a session last night and then went out to the fire to share stories about how we feel God is calling us to our different ministries. One guy commented on how great it was to see all the other people, to know he isn't the only one who feels called. Another girl, told of her struggles in not knowing what to do. One girl reviled what she feels God's new plans are for her life. She had a job lined up in May and is deciding to forgo that and head down to New Zealand.

It was great to hear kids talk about their love for God and also their uncertainty of it all. I think when we aren't so sure about God, but keep looking for God to make it clear, that's when He makes it the clearest.

Doom - yeah I know kind of dumb, but I think The Rock is descent actor and my room mate had it on, so I joined him.

Ghost Busters- it was a student activity and Dan Akroid and Bill Mury, just like the good ol'days! "The flowers are still standing!"

Also I forgot to mention that I saw "V for Vendeta" last week. Definitely worth seeing. And my huge crush on Natalie Portman, definitely back in full swing. Some good movies did come out this week on DVD, so hopefully I'll get caught up soon. That is after I get caught up on my school work. Hope all is well

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