Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Easter Break!

G-Force began it's uniting at around 12:30 Thursday night at Peppinos Pizza, the only thing open past one in Clemson. A great deal of laughing was had, mostly at me. Matt unscrewed the cheese and I was the victim of the dirty trick. The whole thing was on my small piece of pizza. But it was pretty funny. We then made it back to the Apt. and finally went to bed. We left Central at 10:15ish and headed to ATL or Hotlanta as we learned why they call it that. We looked for all the rappers and the former Feder Rd. resident himself "Bow Wow" but we didn't find him. We did find the largest aquarium in the world, but so did 1000's of others. It was really sweet! We saw two whale sharks, some beautiful jelly fish and four beluga whales, just to name a few. (What does the word Beluga mean and what language is it?) We then finally found Fat Matt's, a great bbq place in Midtown. Had a swim in the late evening and a night walk around the city. We meet "Jersy the Map Man", who after we told him we didn't have any money, took his maps back. Saturday we indulged ourselves with Coke at the Coke Factory.

Lunch was at the famous "Varsity". Pretty cheap and good. Then we tracked back up 85 north to Charlotte, or hotlotte. Not the same ring but definitely the same idea. We put a table and bed together and then enjoyed each others company. Thadd and I took about a six mile longboard ride. That was great. Sunday was good. Easter Sunday, was really good. I wasn't super into the pastor. One of the bad things about having great professors that teach you things about preaching is that you tend to grade every other preacher that you encounter.

The guy said that Jesus had "survived death". That made me think. I guess I know what he means, but the word "survived" to me implies he didn't really die, like he cheated the system or almost died but not really. I believe that Jesus did die. Not to make light of it, but he was "dead as a door nail" as they say. He died there's no question about it. He had to die so that he could conquer death in the resurrection that we celebrate on Easter Sunday. If He wasn't really dead, than the rest of the story isn't true and has no value. He had to die completely and had to rise again completely. Which He did both.

I don't want to be a name dropper but...Rick Flare was at church sunday morning. The wrestler who was famous for saying "Woo". I dind't see him but we were told about it after church. Sunday night was Longboarding with all of G-Force including our honorary G-8, Jason from Zimbabwe. Really cool dude. We found a large parking lot and just cruised. We found some long streets and hit those up as well. We had lunch at the Penguin on Monday and then headed back to school. It was an amazing trip. Learning about Jason's culture and experiencing two great cities with G-Force! 3 weeks and we'll be back in Columbus for the summer! What a great summer it'll be!

Be sure to check the flickr page soon for pics and answer the question about the whale.


kris said...

so no HCH this summer? Hey Nate,
Do you ever hear from Jenna at all? Just curious...

kris said...

Thanks for your comment! what is your email address? just am wondering so that we can keep in touch and yeah i am heading back to HCH this summer and looking forward to it!

Cap'n said...

Dude - I was in Hotlanta over Easter too! I wish I'd have know, we woulda hooked up. And what's this I hear about Portland?