Sunday, April 02, 2006

What every man longs to hear.

As I was taking photographs of couples dressed up at the SWU Spring Formal, I had a lot of free time. People would come in spurts, there would be one couple and then no one and then like seven couples. I stood in the back and watched all my fellow classmates, eating, laughing and enjoying each others company. It was great to see people laughing and talking. Who knows really what conversations were going on. Whether they were about God, school or what books they were reading or what movies they had seen (or quoting Bob Newhart, see extended blog). Everyone was taking pictures of their table mates and their friends at other tables all dressed up. There is just something about getting dressed up to go out. It makes you feel important or something, like you belong there. I guess I always imagine what CEO's wear when they go out. I picture them in suites making large deals over a calamari appetizer. Then having their meal trying not to spill anything on the white table cloth. As the flashes were flashing, I over heard one girl ask her man to pass her camera over to her. He graciously passed it and with a smile as if to say "Anything for you. You look stunning tonight". Her response when the camera was in her hand "awe You are my hero!" The guy's eyes lit up, I was like 17 feet away and I could see the light.

"You are my hero" the words every guy longs to hear. Longs to hear from anyone of significance I suppose. But when a girl says it, not just any girl but a girl that knows your passions, your hopes, your fears, your dreams, your sins, what a great feeling. They say that when you are in love, your body releases a chemical that is the equivalent to being high. You can conquer the world. What great words of affirmation spoken on Saturday Night.

The photo shoot went well. The lighting was pretty crappy but thanks to iPhoto, it'll be fine. Have a great weekend, I hope your weather is as good as it is in CSC. (Central, South Carolina)


Kevin said...

That's a great post, man. I agree with all you said. Beautiful wording, by the way.

Dustin Wilson said...

You are my Hero!

Just Kidding

Anonymous said...

Uh so I read your Bob Newhart post on the other blog and it took me a couple sentences into the second one to realize you double--actually triple--posted the same thing! Glad you had a good time Saturday...and I'm not screening your phone officially broke. RIP. Now I get to go to Verizon and stand in line for 4 days to get a new one! =) Oh and I'd say you're my hero...but that part is already taken by my dad.

Cap'n said...

Alright smarty pants - what defines a hero?

Cody Thomas said...

You hit the bullseye bro. Great post. I've always said that for guys, or maybe just for me, it is one of the greatest feelings to be needed, as if there is something that I can do that she can't. I assume she can pick up her own camera if needed, but that provider and protector instinct in guys makes those words of being needed "what everman longs to hear."