Saturday, April 08, 2006

What a Week

So as promised a review on United. Sick! (as the kids say). Over 3000 people. We were on the side wall standing because there weren't seats. You could feel the kick through the walls. It was a great show and a great crowd. They opened with "Salvation is here" and pretty much played the whole pink album. A few from the blue one and three new songs. I made my way to the stage to get the pictures that you have hopefully already seen. It was super cool to be back a North Point. I'm reading a book by the pastor there and in the last chapter I read where he talked about how they came to their current location, where the show was. Just really encouraging to see some thing that I had just read about. To see God's vision in a mans life in real life.

Tonight a few of us made a trip out to Due West. Yes that's the name of the town where Erskine College is. We saw Josh Kelly. Pretty good show, bad crowd. My dear friend Amy told me about Josh a few years ago. His band was really good. The guitarist looked like a tall Jonny Lang. They were all very talented and looked like they were all friends, not just hired to do a tour.

Friday night was our school's play. It was pretty good. A few of my friends were in it. It was really short so we rented "The Jacket" afterwards. It was really good. I like Adrian Brody and that really hot girl from P&P and Pirates is in it. It had some pretty cool shots. Tomorrow we have church and then are going down to Clemson for their international festival. Hope you all go to church tomorrow and worship with your local body. Ask God to show you Himself in a new and fresh way, and ask for forgiveness that we have to ask to be shown. If I were God I would get frustrated with showing my self in new ways, but that is the amazing thing about God. He wants us to ask and wants us to look for Him. His love doesn't get frusterated, hurt yes, but tired, not at all.

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