Tuesday, May 09, 2006

District Nation

59 degrees, cool clear night, light breeze, on top of a parking garage over looking the city lights. The streets are quite and clean, a few cabs and cops driving around and some people leaving a party, other than that nothing. No one to tell us no or where to go, only our wheels and shoes to lead us. There is a group of guys that long board the streets of Columbus. To enter this group you have to successfully go down a rather long hill in Grandview without slowing down. Tonight, I entered this select group and am now apart of District Nation. After celebrating my entry we decided to see what movies were showing. United 93 was our movie of choice. This movie is a must see. There are a few swear words but not to excuse them, do remember what you might have said or thought on that day that will is now written in the history books. United 93 is about the flight where the passengers tried to regain control of the plane and forced an unsuccessful terrorist mission on 9/11.

I was in Australia on that day and remember getting the news and thinking nothing of it and when back to sleep. After waking up my day was spent watching the TV but most of it was taped. This movie was like watching those events unfold for the first time. I knew what was going to happen, I knew the flight numbers and even knew what the rebelling passengers said "Let's roll." But it was all new to me. All these emotions that every other fellow American has had before me, I finally experienced. I did love the movie for movie sake. It was brilliantly filmed and directed. I liked how you saw the emotion of the hijackers. Seeing that they were praying and were people also, but just misguided. I guess after all this time you are able to look at people that kill for their belief with different eyes. I'm pretty sure that God, the Jehovah God, wouldn't ask us to kill people, but if he did, would I have enough faith to do it? Bonhoffer was ready to kill Hitler, but was killer before he could. Whether he was right or wrong for his thinking he was ready to do it. How far am I ready to go for God, for the person that I say is the most important person to me. Dyeing for Jesus has always seemed like something I could do but, its the living for Him part that I struggle with. To read more about my first night in District Nation check out the Extended thoughts blog.

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