Wednesday, May 17, 2006


My Internship starts tomorrow at 9:30. I'm so ready to be doing something. I called a guy about getting a job but he didn't have anything so he's supposed to call me some time when he does. This is kind of crampping things because I need times for the internship. This week I have taken a break from the movies. Monday night my mom's brothers came over for dinner. They are both incredible men. We talked about the De Vinci code for over an hour. It was great to see their knowledge come out. They are the topical PK's, they know what to say. But the more they talked and the more I listened I came to realize that the answers they were sharing and the information that they were presenting wouldn't be in them if they didn't want it to be. Y'know what I mean. Like sure some answers they weree saying were kind of Sunday school, but once you get passed that idea and realize that "Jesus" is the only answer a person could give regardless of their schooling, it made it all so amazing. Thadd said he felt like he was in "Second Hand Lions". I've never seen that but everyone he tells laughs, so if you have seen that movie maybe you'll laugh.

Anyway today was nice until about 2 hours ago. The sky darken and the thunder roared and the lightning is lighting up the sky. (which is actually beautiful). Have a great rest of the week. If your in Columbus Saturday night be sure to check out House of Heroes and Everyday Sunday in concert at the Lifestyles pavilion.

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