Thursday, July 06, 2006


I trust everyone had a great 4th of July? G-Force was downtown for Red, White & Boom. We got there early, walked around and skated around in the super humid weather. We had a great dinner at Ted's down in the Area District, played some games and then tried to take pictures of the fireworks. I knew it would be tough but it was a lot harder than I thought. If I got any good ones they will be on the Flickr site. Afterwards we caught "Superman Returns" to avoid the crowds. I was on the "Go" team. It was my job to save seats and I failed. A couple walked right by me and G-1.5 had to jump in and stop them. Oh well, all 30 of us got in and had a great time. Now for the good stuff...

It is that blessed time of the year, when G-Force reunites on sacred ground, the shores of North Carolina. Tomorrow G-1.5 and I will take the grandmas to the airport to send them on ahead to meet with the Rents in Charlotte. Then G-Force, Columbus chapter will pack our van and a car for an early leave Saturday. We're talking deathly early for us, 6:00 AM! What a great week it will be! Surfing, photographs, laughs, crazy beach games and walks under the moon light with waves crashing at our feet. This will be my last post, unless we hook up to the internet at the house. Other wise have a great week and learn something new. Don't forget the championship world cup game is Sunday, Go France!

Au revoir!

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Joel said...

hope your having a good vacation or had