Friday, September 08, 2006

from laundry boy to captain

What a big weekend here at SWU. Tonight the V-ball team hosts Lee, who is crazy good. They are 19th in the NAIA. Huge game. SWU is coming off a two game winning streak. (Not sure two wins in a row merits streak status). Then on Saturday, the soccer team hosts Faulkner U. The men are coming off a somewhat sloppy win over Toccoa Falls, however the captains did an amazing job in that game!

Speaking of the soccer captains, guess who had a captain's band on? Yeah G-4! My bro Thom! I was filming and thought his arm looks funny, like discolored. Then I realized that's a yellow band, that's a captain's band! From laundry boy to captain. Here's the story.

Thomas came on to the team as a walk on and was the "manager" during his freshman year. Other than dirty clothes and soap I don't know what he managed. But he did practice with the team, often finishing with the fastest guys on the team in time trials. He worked hard to show the coach and the players that he had what it took to be a college athlete. With the a strong work ethic and family giving him a tremendous amount of support, he made the team.

The next season Thom would pop up here and there, mostly with 15-20 min left in a game. He was put in as a forward to spark the team up. His first game, he just kept charging the keeper going after every ball. Thom was shifted around the field and eventually landed at the left back position, where his body knew what to do. Thomas has sense grown at that spot, learning from the two captains that he shares the back field with. This brings us today.

Due to some silly people that think shaving freshman head's is hayzing, Jeff was stripped of his captain's band until further notice. Now that band as mentioned before is finding its home with Thom. This is all to say that when you work hard and try your best and trust God in the hard times, you will one day reap what you have sown. Maybe not as quick as Thom, it might even take years, or you might not ever see the fruit of your labor on this side. But when you seek God first before anything else, he will give you what you need. He gives life and joy and peace that is often unexplainable.

The other sports event is...OSU plays Texas Saturday night! Go Bucks!


Cap'n said...

I was just wondering when you were going to update. Pass on my congrats to Thom - that's awesome! Speaking of captain - guess who else will be joining the ranks this November? (but without the yellow arm band...though that would be a nice touch!)

Brett said...

glad to hear things are going well...someday i'll say "i knew him when he was the laundry boy".

Joel said...

Who Dey!!