Sunday, October 08, 2006


It is that time again, when the Buick and I make the treck up through the Smoky Mountains to the Promise Land of Columbus Ohio! I made it home late on Friday night. Getting a later start than I wanted and then hitting traffic in Asheville slowed me down about an hour and a half. On Saturday we went out to IWU to watch the SWU men's soccer team play. It was a hard fought game with SWU loosing in the end. Thomas got to come home with us and that was fun, but because of that, we know have to get him to Chicago for the rest of their scheduled games. They play Moody on Monday and Trinity on Tuesday. This time Dad and I are going to make the drive. Hopefully we will get some time to go into the city and find some cool things. I hope you all have a good week and learn something new. Make a new friends!


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Jo Hanson. said...

Hi Nate. Jo from HCH here. Just making my bi-annual visit to your blog :) Hope you're doing well.