Thursday, November 09, 2006

Make It Stop!

Have you ever felt violated? Like your personal space is getting smaller. You try to keep things out but it seems like the more you try the worse it gets. You just can't keep things from getting in. Around here in Apartment R we are feeling this way. It is that time of the year again where Ladybugs seem to think that they have a VIP pass to our rooms. They just hang out on the ceiling and for the most part keep to them selves. But at times you will be laying in bed and those black dots are moving! They craw from one part of the room to the next. Right this minute I am counting...14! little red and black dotted things on my walls and ceiling! Yesterday, for the second time, I got the vacuum out and sucked them up! Like we are talking 14 hours ago! When will the invasion stop?! When will the privacy that I once enjoyed be restored? Can any one help?!?!?!


Brett said...

ahhh...the joys of swu life! i miss it so dearly (can you sense the sarcasm??)...i've heard if you put duct tape around your window frame it helps!!

Joel said...

trying eating them....they stick but have a wonderful crunch

Joel said...

i mean stink