Thursday, April 05, 2007

Main St. Deli 3

Well I have taken my first time off from Main St. I'm at home in the promise land for Easter! It was a nice drive except it is freezing here. Like 30's. It was a little chilly last night at school but to come here it was quite a change. Winter coats, hoodies, the whole works. We have only been home for a few hours and it has been a great time already.

Main St. is going really well. It got kind of scary the other day, two people were fired. The cook and I, who sometimes race to get our food out first, were taken off guard with the firing. We thought he was a good employee but I guess we were wrong. Our boss came and told us that she liked us and didn't have anything to worry about. We were both pretty relieved.

This being Easter weekend, don’t forget to find out what this weekend means. This is when the whole story gets good. The beginning of the gospel sets the stage. It’s the opening act. Jesus coming to earth is act two. This weekend is act three and what you do with the elements of act three determines your act four. The best act, because of the previous acts.

Think about it, be thankful and learn to love and live like it.


Jon Dodrill said...

"opening act?" are you implying that God has a beginning and an end? what kind of stuff are they teaching you down at suth-un?

nate said...

I mean as far as his part in human history.