Tuesday, May 08, 2007

the last week

It is the last week of school here at SWU. The air is full of excitement as students finish their final tests, some their final tests ever at SWU. I however will have one more semester after the completion of this week. My summer plans are fairly simple. Spend all next week touring Columbus, maybe Cinci, and maybe some other town. My lovely girlfriend will be making her first trip to The Promise Land as well next week. She is in for a real treat. (Joel hopefully all those practice dates with you will pay off) Very little time will be spent in Columbus that next week. One day. I'll then jump on a plane and head for the wild wild west! I'll be spending my summer in Sacramento CA! I'll be interning at a church out there called The River Church. I cannot wait to get started. I have already had a warm welcome from the staff via emails. I'm a little up set, this will be the first year for no family vacation and this will be the first town I will live in that does not start with the letter "C" or "M". 24 years, I guess my streak had to end sometime.

In other news, there is no news on when the GoGreen contest will end. Thanks to all of you that have voted. As of right now we are still in first place with 116 votes, 3.5 rating and 434 views! I think you can still vote and view and rate until the thing is over, whenever that might be. Just check the link in the previous post. Also there are a few new photos on the Flickr site, be sure to check those out.

What are your summer plans?


Jon Dodrill said...

This will be the first summer in half a decade I won't be interning at a church...God is good! I'm going to live a regular "workin' for the weekend" 9-5 kinda job!

Cap'n said...

Sorry to disappoint you - but I don't think Sacramento qualifies as the "wild, wild west"! Benj and I might have to plan a trip down to see you. Are you driving out here? If so, swing by!

Joel said...

i'm studying the entire summer...real fun.