Friday, June 15, 2007

Familia, Famille, Familie, Famiglia, Family

The new theme on JPG's website is family. As I browsed through the photos I noticed a trend that most of the photos seemed to be of one person. Maybe a kid or some adult, but they all seemed to only have one person in the photo. I wonder if this is a snapshot (excuse the pun) of what the American society thinks about family. Not Christmas dinners gathered around a huge table in the basement, not birthday parties that are so fun non-family members want to come. Or traditions of vacations to the beach, crazy trips out of the way to some grand city. But the view is more of isolation, of individualism that loathes unity in daily life.The pictures don’t seem to show the adventure of doing life together as a family.
Maybe I see family through rose-colored glasses, but I don’t think so. Family is supposed to be there when things suck, when death and pain occur. That support system holds you when the winds blow hard, when the sun heats up. Family is the first institute we are exposed to and it is vital to our society. This Fathers Day take the time to say thanks to your Dad, tell him that you are proud to be called his child, that you enjoy your time with him. Take the time to talk to him find out who he is as a person. What better time of the year to start something new with your father. If you are not in that kind of relationship, then start laying the foundation for it this weekend. Good luck and don’t forget to get a card.

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