Monday, November 12, 2007

Almost Done

If all goes as planned, I have about one month until I graduate from school. It has been a long road full of ups and downs; from pulling all nighters to chasing skunks. (Thomas I did that one last week!) If anyone has a job opening let me know!
Katie and I celebrated one year this past weekend! We had a wonderful time in Asheville, NC. We left around 11 am and started up the highway. Seeing a sign for Sky Top Orchard, I cut across a few lanes and we headed up the mountain. Upon our arrival we were informed that the apple picking season had ended, but we didn't let that stop us, we walk through the fruitless trees anyway. We had a wonderful time up on the mountain.

When we got to Asheville we walked around for awhile going into the little shops, there was some crazy clothes store were Kate found a sweet green coat but it was a little to big. We also stopped at a really cool book store called Malaprop's Bookstore. Peter Sagal from NPR's "Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!" will be there this Friday. That is one my favorite NPR shows.

We then made it to lunch and we ate at a place called "Table". It was really good and had a nice modern feel to it. We did some other things but I won't bore you. Like I said we had a wonderful time!

There are some new pictures on my Flickr site so please stop by. Have a great week

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dennis said...

Hey Nathan,

Well it sounds like your trip to Asheville wasn't completely "fruitless". I'd love to hear your story about chasing skunks sometime. I bet you are getting excited about finishing school. That will be pretty neat. Congratulations, we're proud of you.


Uncle Denny and Aunt Carol (man that sounds so old, oh well. See you Thanksgiving!