Thursday, March 13, 2008

Life is Good

You know when you hear the intro to your favorite TV show, something just happens. When I hear the intro to The Office man I just feel good! Now that you can watch it online or "listen" to it as we'll call it, it just makes my office time more enjoyable.
I rented "No Country For Old Men" last night and I fell asleep. Maybe I'll give it another shot sometime later. It wasn't the movie's fault that I fell asleep it was mine, I was pretty tired.
What is your favorite TV show right now, what movies have you seen and what books are you reading?


codythomas said...

I'm waiting for "I Am Legend" to come out on Tuesday!!!

Did you notice that there is no music at all in "No Country for Old Men"?

Dustin Wilson said...

I am a huge fan of LOST! I am with Cody on waiting to see "I am Legend."

Brett said...

We're definitely LOST addicts! We rented "Gone Baby, Gone" last weekend and enjoyed the plot, but there was a lot of language and some questionable content. Also, while I was sick for so long in January, I discoverd "quarterlife" which is an online show. NBC broadcasted 1 episode a few weeks ago but there are many more online. I think I liked it more at the beginning than the more recent episodes. And of course, we are watching American Idol. I much more mainstream can you get?

Anonymous said...

I'm part of the "LOST" fan club along with Dusty and Brett. Great show, check it out if your'e not a fan, but at this point you would be LOST. It's very deep. Cheryl Rutherford

abram.rampey said...

i know what you mean about hearing the theme from The Office, it just instantle makes me think of Jim putting Dwight's desk in the bathroom.
I watched the first few episodes of the new show "New Amsterdam" this weekend and it was pretty good. The idea of living in one city for 400 years is pretty crazy. the show has a lot of funny moments where John Amsterdam's age just makes things funny. Like he has a dog named 37 because he stopped thinking of names like 100 years ago.