Tuesday, May 06, 2008

# 5

Artist: Soulive

Album: Break Out

Reason: I was with my cousins killing time in Barns & Noble and we were picking up random CDs looking for something good. We found Soulive. We didn't buy the album then but we never forgot what we heard that day. 3 years later I heard about them again and bought Break Out as soon as I could. This album has everything. First off Soulive is an incredible group of musicians. They are Jazz/Funk/Soul/Rock. You have to hear this album to believe it. The keyboardist/organist also plays the bass line on the keys. Watching them live, it takes you a minute to figure out that there isn't an actual bass player on stage playing that fast, complicated bass line. You see it but you don't believe it. This album has a lot of guest artists aswell, one of the most note able might be Robert Randolph from Robert Randolph and the Family Band.

Favorite Tracks:


Back Again

Break Out

Crosstown Traffic ( featuring Robert Randolph)

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Jenna said...

Nate! How are you, my friend? I have not stopped by here in forever and wanted to check out what's been going on with you. Ahh, remember when we used to sit in the computer trailor at the Big H and write on our blogs...those were the days!

We need to catch up sometime. Miss ya bud!