Wednesday, October 08, 2008

mom told me to

Well here is an update at the request of my mom. This month is slammed! My friend Lyle is getting married this weekend! Apt. R reunion! Can't wait for that. Then next week I'm heading up to Indy for FUEL conference at the Wesleyan HQ. This is going to be really great time of catching up with old friends and making some new ones. After that some special friends are coming down to check out SWU and then we are having a sweet costume party at youth group on the 29th!

In other news it is raining here today and it reminds me Ohio. It always seemed to rain in OH and especially in the fall. Here in the south east we have been in a really bad drought so the rain is much needed but none the less it still puts me in that mood. Y'know the one where you take your comforter from your bed to the couch and watch tv before you get ready for your day. When you get into the office you put on some raw acoustic music and try to stay awake. Today I'll be listening to Bon Iver.

Also there will be some new photos on the Flickr site later this week. Katie and I and another couple went to Skytop Orchard in Flatrock, NC this past weekend and picked some good apples. Hope your Fall is going well thus far. Enjoy it.

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