Tuesday, February 15, 2005

My first real nose bleed

I was taking a nap after my 8 o'clock this morning and I sneezed and I as wiped mynose there was blood coming out. Pretty gross sorry but this is my first nose bleed that I can remember, it should be recorded. It finally stopped and I went back to bed. Then when I was in the shower I must have messed with it and it started up again. Now because of my first great noise bleed I am to late to attend my next class.

In other news, my weekend and V-day was rad. I took Looy to Atlanta. We road the MARTA and walked around. Checked out a really nice coffee shop, ate lunch at this really specky dinner, but it was really good. It had all the makings for a Dennys in Vegas. Fake flowers all over the place, pink lights and blue carpet, paper placemats on which Looy drew a very nice picture of us. Its now hanging on my fridge in my room, along with her other art work. It was a really great time to be together, and to explore a new city. I did do one thing that was a little suspect, I took Looy to her first Starbucks. I know I know "friends don't let friends drink starbucks" but she had never been inside of one. But I told her no more!

Then last night Looy and I watched a movie and she gave me a box of candy, but it was sealed with probably three rolls of duck tape. It had to get a saw to open it. It was pretty fun trying to open it. Welp thanx for reading, don't forget, in one week "I heart Huckabees" comes out on DVD. Have a good one and let me know how yous are doing.



Joel said...

first nosebleed huh? YOur lucky then. When i was growing up i would get one like at least once a week. But i got a surgery thing done so now all i have is big boogers. If you ask me it was bad trade. Now i'm pickin my nose all the time. thats no way to live man!! side note: how do you get links to other pages on your blog?

looy said...

yeah!!! youre no longer a virgin to nose bleeds :)
welcome to the club