Saturday, February 12, 2005

Hand in Hand

Tonight was really cool. Looy and I went down to G-ville. We are going to be doing stuff the whole weekend. It's been a long week for her so I'm trying to do some cool things. Tonight we ate at Trio, very good. The table was a little big and that was kind of odd becasue it was loud and I felt like I had to shout. Then we walked down to this coffee place to hear this really cool guy. He's from New Spring, our church but I didn't know that at the time. He was a very nice mix between John Mayer and Jack Johnson and yet fresh. Kind of a task I would say. Then we strolled hand in hand down to this sweet bridge that we like. Sat by the waterfalls and just laughed at eachother. Then we strolled back, hand in hand to our fav. coffee shop in the south, Coffee Underground. It's pretty much the only one that we go to so I'm not being very fair to all the others. The prices can be steap sometimes but its fun and nice. We did a crossword puzzle then we talked, laughed, and I got really sleepy.

As we left we encountered a man trying to tell me that if I couldn't say the exact time and place when I got saved, then I wasn't going to heaven. By the way I don't agree with that, I know my salvation is in Jesus and I'm learning what the means more and more everyday. It's a work in progress. It was a neat thing, but it's long and I won't bore you with the details on this entry. Hope all is well. Wish me luck with trying to show my amazing friend and girlfriend how much I care about her.

Real quick, don't forget that God is faithful, even when we are not. Be safe and show love, even after the 14th.


looy said...

it was a great night and atlanta was amazing too. thank you nathan for everything. you do show me how much you care very well. i like you like a fat man's buttload!

Brett said...

sounds like looy's going to award you the "sweetest and cutest boyfriend ever" award again...sounds like a fun weekend, however nothing can top looy's amazing artwork!!