Friday, February 11, 2005

The O.C.

Well the O.C. used to be a place where the guys on the 3rd floor found freedom. We knew that Seth wasn't a real person and yet we saved him a seat at lunch, we had dates with Summer. And when Oliver came around, we told Ryan that we had his back if things got nasty. But all this is on the verge of changing. The characters are starting to follow trends instead of set them. They have always done dumb things, like getting drunk and what not, but it seemed they always had to pay for it and they would learn their lesson in the end. Now with these new characters, who at first were fine, are starting to wear thin with me. It's sad to see them follow trends of other shows. Throw in the girls kissing and Sandy kissing another woman. I know that The O.C. in no show to model your life after but for some reason there was some comfort in watching beautiful people mess up and then make it. Now they are just screwing things up and it's not cool any more. So sorry Seth and Ryan and the gang, but I'll be seeing you some other time. Thanx for the cool music though.

On a better note, I gave Thom Wood some noodles for V-day. I haven't told him yet but they were leftovers from Looy and she told me to give them away. But he was stoked and I'm glad. Welp this is it for now, and thanx again b-rett for giving me a hand. What an RA.



looy said...

i agree, it is sad to see this.
i like your blog, very cute:)

Kelly said...

Hey Nate!
I saw your blog thru Brett's & I just thought I'd say hi!
Hope you have a good weekend!