Friday, March 11, 2005

3/11 or "Thank Goodness It's Friday at Donatos!"

Well here is what's happening today. I just read and remembered that to day in 3/11. A year ago a bomb went off in Madrid Spain and "killed 191 people and wounded more than 1,500" ( Pretty crazy to think about what was going on a year ago. I was driving around the metro area of ol C-town, (which I will be back in for Easter!) for work. Pretty crazy stuff. In other news, I have been listening to House of Heroes new album due out in April. They are playing in ATL on the 28th so we are hoping to get down there from C-town before going back to school. Should be an amazing show. Be on the look out for their new material.

I just got back from a meet and great with a guy who is in charge of evaglism and church growth for the Wesleyan church. I asked him about a mission thing that the church is starting. It's called "Metro Mission" or "Mission Metro" I can never remember, I would call it the later one but whatever. He was telling me about some new plans they are working on and they sound really sweet. I got so stoked hearing about it. I love the city life, the way a city breaths, how almost nothing stops it, it's always going. It's very ADD and very focused sometimes. Jesus knew how to live in the city and how to change the cultural norms of the city. I was reading in Matt. 8 2-4 the other day, about when Jesus heals the Leper. (Leper looy not leperd) Touching a leper was very taboo, you just didn't do it. They thought you could get the stuff if you touched someone and then those people were always poor and dirty. And to think what dirty meant back then, I'm guessing it was a lot worse than what it is now. And yet despite what was the thing to do, pass these people and hope they die so that they're out of the way, Jesus touches one, Not only touches one but Heals him. He totally gives this guy a new life. Now he's not going to die of leprosy and now he has a chance to live a decent life, maybe get a job or something. How amazing is it to think that Jesus doesn't care what the culture says, He knew who he was and what needed to be done. And he did it. I gotta go eat lunch and study so I'm gonna end this now and in a crappy way, sorry. So be encouraged and just remember that no matter how dark it gets, Jesus is the light and he isn't afraid of the dark.

Be Encouraged

PS. The spell check on this comp that I'm using, is blocked. Sorry I'm pretty much the worst speller. Buy. Just kidding, bye

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