Sunday, March 13, 2005

Banana Pancakes

Friday night was amazing. Looy and I went down to G-ville to hear our friend and lead worshiper play some of his music at a place down there. It was fully amazing. All the guys in the band are just really talented and they were very tight. The drummer was somewhere else just a few times, but he is such a good drummer, he recovered very well. Lee played his Rhodes piano and it sounded so smooth. The place was packed so that was really really cool. I didn't get any donatos Pizza but Looy and I did pass a Jamaican place and we stopped in there and got a Ting to drink. It's a Jamaican Grapefruit drink. Really really good and refreshing. I told Looy to shake in and it sprayed all over us. It was pretty funny.

Saturday, Looy and I took Jack Johnson's advice and made some banana pancakes. They were pretty good. Tonight we have church and that'll be sweet as always. Well yeah, if any one knows like a really cool way to make Banana pancakes, let me know. We just chopped up the banana and put it into the mix. Hope all is well and that your weekend was good and that you have learned something today.



looy said...

in my defense, i thought it was not carbonated and he did tell me to shake the Ting.
:) it was also suprisingly good, even though i dont like grapefruit.

Brett said...

i'm not sure if i'm more jealous of getting to see lee and the guys in g-ville or the bananna pancakes...being on duty sucks!