Sunday, March 20, 2005

"How's your bracket?"

Those three words that we seem to be most concerned with. To be honest, mine is really going down. I think everyone's is because of Kansas and Syracuse loosing. Be prepared when you ask someone these three words to give a detailed answer as to why you choose your final four. You might have to be in a conversation for the next 10 min. of your life just talking brutally honest about a sport where my peers are throwing a ball into a hole. Know that I love this game, this is one of my favorite times of the year, but when I step back and look at it, its sad. We are completely willing to defend our choice and critique others for sticking to their gut and picking their conference even when their team has no chance. However, ask someone about their day or how life is going, or how their relationship with Christ is going and you usually don't have to worry about loosing those 10 min. I was asked this question this past week, "How is your relationship with God?". I was kind of taken back, not hurt but just made to think.

This is where the "Pain" part of my blog title comes in. When you have to take a real look at your life and your relationships, as hard and painful it might be, its one of those things that the more we do it, the easier it becomes. "The first step is so very hard if we take the first step at all". (MXPX)

Looking and realizing that I spend so much time with people and not enough time with Jesus was somewhat of a disappointment. I believe in human relationships with all my heart, that we are relational beings and created for each other and that real healing only comes through a relationship with Christ and community. But the relationship with Christ has to be the first and most important part of that community. When our relationship to Christ starts to get right, the relationships we have with people will start to fall into place, where ever that may be. I encourage you to get into a Christ centered community. Talk about life, talk about Basketball, girls, guys, movies but also be real and let Christ's love move through those conversations.

Once again I'm the worst speller and I'm not very good at conclusions so I will just leave you with this. In doing what's right, you will not always be able to please everyone. But always take the high road and do what's right. Hope your road to the final four is fun and full of great Basketball parties and the love of Christ.

Final words: "Finding Neverland" comes out on DVD Tues, and
Go Illinois and Washington and UNC and Kentucky!!!!!!! (my final four)

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looy said...

great is sad to think about this...convicting really.
thanks MY farmer :)--looy