Tuesday, April 19, 2005

I am the Pope

If I were the Pope what would I do? I don't really know much about what the Pope really does. I know he has a big voice in world issues, such as aids, poverty and moral issues. Speaking of poverty, I have had an interesting thought floating in my head. Here's the background. For some reason the water at school taste like dirt, yeah pretty much just good ol' brown dirt. It's really gross, pretty much everyone is complaining. It even affects the soft drink machines in the cafeteria. It's really bad. Needless to say I have been having trouble drinking anything the last few days. If you don't think about it... it still pretty much feels like your a little kid eating dirt. To solve my problem Lyle and I went to Wal-Mart to buy some bottled water. I don't know how ripped off I got but I got 24 bottles for 4 bucks. So it's like a quarter a bottle (that's according to Lyle). It was pretty funny because there were two other guys from school there doing the same thing.

As we were walking out carrying 48 bottles of water and almost 2 litters of Twister Lemon Aid, the thought came to me what if we had to do this once a week. Imagine if we lived in a place were our water was really dirty and unsafe to drink. That would be pretty bad, but I had money to get my water. Then it gets worst, what if I didn't have money to buy clean water? What would I do? It was a scary thought. As bad as this all sounds here is the real truth, there are people out there that don't have clean water to drink and don't have money to buy it.

If I were the Pope, this would be something that I would want to work on. I guess the lesson is to count your blessings and be thankful. Anyway I hope your water tastes good and cold.

-the Pope


Brett said...

it's not that bad...ok maybe it is!

looy said...

yeah! for pope nathan the LXVIII