Monday, April 25, 2005

New Music Tuesday

Tuesday is about 4 hours from now, and that means new music. House of Heroes drops this Tuesday! I am beyond stoked! I remember watching these guys play in high school and later on. Known for putting on the best shows around, these guys deliver. It was always mindboggling to hear the stuff on their demos and then go and watch them tear it up, no fake cords. From Colin with his tats of pirates doing battle on his chest, to A.J. taking you on a wild walk down the neck of the base to Tim just playing insane rifts and leads on his guitar. Buy this album, you won't be sorry and for sure check them out! If your in C-town they are playing at Little Brothers for a release party on Tuesday night.

Also be sure to check out this months relevant Magazine, it has some cool articles in it. Also just to get a feel for who reads this thing, leave me a post of your name and what you are reading these days. I'm reading "Ask Me Anything" by J.Budziszweski or as the book says "aka professor theophilus." It's my roommates, but he wasn't reading it so I am.

Have a good one

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looy said...

whoever the "proff" is....oh well
house of heros is great though, at least what ive heard of them:)