Monday, April 25, 2005

The Hotel

If your anything like me, you love it when something that you have known about or been doing for sometime hits the mainstream. It can sometimes get crappy but for those first few weeks or months, its really a cool feeling. This post is pretty much about two of those things. If you have ever watched the Code Red "And 1" mix tapes basketball stuff on ESPN you'll like this. "The Professor" has a short little report on him and his skillz on How sweet is that! We(G-Force) have all loved him for a few reasons,a big one(but not the main, see below)is because he's white. How nuts is that, there are like 5 guys that are fun to watch that are white. "The Prof." is my fav. I'm not sure if Steve Nash and Dirk whatever his name is who plays for Dallas counts because they are both from other countries. (I'm not sure where Jason Williams is from?) The report on "The Professor" is pretty cool check it out. He went to a Christian school also! For me that's one of the most amazing parts of this guy because typically and unfortunately, at lease where I am from Christian schools don't have the best talent. As I reflect on writing about "The Professor", the really cool thing about him isn't because he is white but because he is just really talented.

Looy and I watch "Hotel Rwanda" last night. If you have not seen it you should. Its very well put together and tells the horrible story about rebels fighting the government (the story is about the people trapped in the middle.) I don't know about the accuracy [thanx Joel] but it was moving. At one point the guy from the U.N. tells the main character that the world won't help them because they are African. Not because they are black but because they are African. It was very sad to think that for some reason the world looks different at Africa. It makes me want to call Bono or someone like that and figure out what I can do to help. I don't know, as I read this I have to ask myself, "would I really be willing?" I hope so.

I suppose we have to ask ourselves that for anything. God does ask us to do things that we might not want to, but as a Christian we should be willing to do whatever our King wants us to do. I hope that we are all on our way to that place where we can say to our King, "what's next?"

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