Thursday, April 28, 2005

Summer time summer time summer time

Summer is almost upon us, well us college kids. That's right, about one week left and the Buick will make another journey to the promise land. Thom and I are trying to mentally pack all are junk so we can figure out if we need to call upon a higher power to help us get it all home. That higher power being Dad and the Van or Lyle and his truck. This also means the last installment of "Star Wars". It is sad that there are people out there who actually have not seen all the episodes! Can you imagine? I regret to say that as of today, my girlfriend Looy and her sister April are a part of that group. I don't understand how someone could go this long in life with out them. I suppose life does go on, but can it really be that great? ( This post was supposed to be about my summer but I'm changing that) Can you imagine that there are people out there who haven't heard of Jesus? I wonder how they make it through life, because unlike stars wars, they cannot survive. What a sad thought. Our lives should reflect Jesus' love to everyone we come into contact with.

Dan my room mate was having trouble sleeping the other night, so I told him a bed time story. The story was pretty silly because I was making it all up as I went along. I wont bore you with the whole story but the point was to love everyone, no matter what. That story brought up some questions from Dan. One was how long do you keep trying to love people. I tried to explain the importance of persistence. He asked what about when they think your a hypocrite? I told him to live a life that people can't think that of you. We are to live a life of love and to serve others. If we focus on loving God and loving others as much as we love ourselves, things will start to make sense. That should keep you entertained for ummm pretty much a life time. But that's where the Spirit comes in and helps us everyday.
-Be encouraged!

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