Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Underwear, Self Destructing Pagers, Dead Bodies & Love

Well Saturday night Looy and I celebrated our six month anniversary! Looy had won a gift certificate from a pool with the NCAA Tourny, she had North Carolina winning it. We went to Red Lobster, Looy had only been there once. It was really packed so I put my name in and Looy went to the bathroom. She did her thing and then came running out, grabbed my hand and said I need to talk to you outside. We got outside and she told me we needed to go to the store right now. I had no idea what was going on. I told her that there was a tampon in the car but that wasn't it. She somehow broke her underwear! It ripped or something and she had to pitch them. So we jumped in the Miata (thanx April for letting us take your car!) and crossed three lanes of traffic and we ran into a T.J. Max store. Looy purchased a new pair and we were off to once again to Red Lobster, in a hurry. The wonderful people at Red Lobster had given us a pager to buzz us when our table was ready. ( I was tempted to say my name in it but I didn't. For that to make sense you need to read Joel's blog entry entitled "Why I hate Fridays", its a good read) Through out this whole ordeal, the pager kept saying that we were out of range! It was very annoying and it kept beeping like it was going to self destruct if we didn't return right away to Red Lobster.

We ate and then I got to drive the Miata back to Central. We of course took the back winding roads and it was great. Unfortunately, Looy and I were talking about something important and I couldn't focus on her and the car at the same time. Of course she deserves my full attention, so pretending that I'm a spy driving with a beautiful girl in the hills of Italy will have to wait. We switch cars and the Buick took us to our new spot, behind Wendy's.

I know what your thinking but before you call me names, let me tell you what is behind this particular Wendy's. A beautiful dock that stretches out on Lake Hartwel. It is very quite except for the buzz of the busy Highway 123, but that is a mere hum. The sky was cloudy, the air was cool and the water was cold (We stuck our feet in it). The lights of the surrounding houses danced on the ripples of the water. As Looy and I lay there on the dock talking about the topic of love. I realized that right then was as good as time as any to tell her how I feel about her. I tend to think too much about things. I had to figure out if I love Looy or not. This is my way of doing that.

If A means that I love her and B means that I don't and we are assuming that there is no in between at this point. So I know that B is not how I feel so to a degree A must be the answer. And that degree is growing more and more everyday! What a great feeling to tell someone that you love them and to know that they love you back! I know feelings come and go but it's being assured that no mater what someone loves you. Man that's enough to get you through any week. It's great to know that Looy loves me but it is even greater to know that Jesus loves me to a degree that I can not fathom! And to know that it never runs dry or changes! Know everyone that Jesus loves you as individuals and is there waiting for you to love him back. Have a good one. I love you Loo!


Anonymous said...

I Love you too Nate,

looy said...

:) i love you!!! :)

Brett said...

and the "l" bomb has been dropped!

lish said...

NATHAN!!! hey hey .. i made on of these to comment u , then after all that stupid work ( with xanga still being WAY cooler) i remembered ur gonna be home in like 2 days .. oh well! i love you! see ya soon!

Candice said...

so sweet! you couldn't have picked a more wonderful person than looy!!thanks or sharing your story with us!

Candice said...

*for instead of "or"