Sunday, May 08, 2005

"The Joy and Pain and Everything Inbetween"

The summer has begun. 3 days have gone by and it has already been full of events. The title of my blog sums it all up. Thom and I made it home in the Buick, barley. We were packed out! It was crazy. We would have demolished our record but we got stuck in some traffic in Knoxville and stopped at a Wendy's for HALF AN HOUR! I'm not kidding. Unfortunately Thomas said that we are not allowed to subtract those 30 min.

I called Looy to tell her I got home and she gave me some really great news that will soon be reviled to the world. On Friday we tripped up to Grand Rapids, MI. for our cousin Jonathan's graduation from Cornerstone U. We ate at the famous Arnie's and then went to Yesterdogs! Pretty much the best hotdog place I have ever been to. It was 1:30 am and packed out! It was great! We made a notch in the wall to mark our 3rd trip. We then went to Kayla's place and G-forced crashed there. (Kayla is Jonathan's future wife) We got up late and of course were late to the graduation.

We made it about half way through and then received the phone call you never want. At first, I thought mom said that Marsha and Steven and Ryan and Alisha (other cousins, on moms side that we are very close to) had an accident. I started to pray for them and just thought about Steven. For some reason I remembered Marsha saying she wouldn't know how to handle things if Steven ever died. Dad asked us to step out of the room where the speaker was beginning to speak. Dad told us that Steven had killed himself that last night.

We made the trip back to Columbus in almost record time, arrived at the Hanks' and began the morning and grieving process. There are lessons about life that are already being learned. One is just the importance of family. We have all surrounded each other with love and prayers. God uses family for just such a time. I don't really know what all to post about this so I'm going to close with this. I would ask that you would please keep the Hanks' in prayer and that we would continue to love each other.

Thank You


looy said...

you know i do always pray for you guys. i love you and care about all of yall

Brett said...

i've got the "g-force" in my prayers...hope to talk to you guys soon

Dustin Wilson said...

I am praying for your family. I miss you guys