Friday, May 13, 2005

Waves of Life

The waves of life bring many things; joy and pain, sadness and laughter, dreams and fears and of course "everything inbetween". I got the chance to hang out with one of my best friends and his wonderful girlfriend tonight. Trey and Beth and I went to Cup O Joe for a quick coffee before we ventured up 315 to the dollar theater there to see "Million Dollar Baby". What a great film. There were some neat and interesting themes running throughout the film. The one that keeps coming to my mind is the priest's role in the film. Clint Eastwoods' character goes to Mass everyday for some 20 years and this priest is no help to him at all. He offers no hope or answers and makes no effort to show the love of Christ. At one point the priest asks "Franky" ( I think that was Eastwoods' character's name?) not to come to Mass any more. I remember saying to Trey how horrible that man was.

I suppose what I walked away with thinking was to never tire of doing good or of loving. Somewhere in Galatians Paul says to never tire of doing good. Loving is a good thing, it's the best thing. Franky just wanted someone to love and have love shown back, no matter what he did. He found that love for a time in Maggie, but even she left. It's amazing to think that God's love doesn't leave, doesn't ask us to leave or to let go of it. It's there no mater what. No matter how many times we hear that, we need to know it.

The setting for "Million Dollar Baby" is boxing. Morgan Freeman's character narrates the story and says one thing about boxers. The trainer has to make the boxer do exactly what they say; it has to be so in grained in their system that even their bones now what to do. We need to be like that in our relationship with Christ. To be so rooted in the truth that no matter what the waves of life bring we will be able to stand our ground; our firm foundation established in Christ. Root your self in truth, and keep checking it. Not that you doubt it, but to keep it real and healthy and growing.

-love and thanks

oh yeah be sure to check this out.
They are on the Garden State sound track. Very "flowing" music, enjoy.


looy said...

fine......ill see the movie :)

Candice said...

nate--you know i love frou frou! thanks for giving them a shout out!

Kelly said...

Hey Nate!
Hope you & Thomas have a great summer!!! See ya in August!