Monday, May 23, 2005

Hephzibah & Star Wars

I just had a post ready to go and hit the wrong button, y'know how that goes. I am down here in Macon Georgia now. I'll be working here for the summer. Be sure to check out the link to see where I am. Hope all is well. Don't be afraid to grow this summer. Walk on water or something cool.


Edit: Well I'm now at a coffee shop listening to high schoolers analyze the last installment of Star Wars. I feel beyond cool right now. I'm on my new room mate's computer using wireless in a coffee shop, how sweet is that. (I also have my Iced Chi by my side) The day has been pretty uneventful but the heat has made me rather tired. It was pretty cool back in Ohio compared to this. So it might take sometime for my body to adjust. No real lessons have been learned, only that I will need to keep focused. Keith, my room mate and I drove around and didn't really find much but we didn't give much effort into it. Pretty much the most exciting thing is listening to these kids talk about Star Wars. Anyway enjoy your week.

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looy said...

we always have fun, no matter what we do, so im sure you will have a good time. youre in my prayers always. i love you