Thursday, May 26, 2005

"Where is Terry Gross?" or "What is that sound? "

For those of you out of school maybe you have realized how boring life can be. The whole last semester I wanted something new. I wanted adventure with my friends, I wanted to watch every movie but never did because of homework or something like that. Now that I'm done with school, I don't do anything. It's rather odd to me. Maybe I shouldn't be so hard, I am down in Macon GA working at a children's home and that does keep me busy until like 4:30 then I just think of what there is to do. I don't have a TV in my little place. I finally picked up some reading material so that has helped. I feel cut off from the world. I don't know what they are talking about in the news these days, who Terry Gross is interviewing on Fresh Air on NPR. Or what new phrase Stuart Scott is using on Sports Center.

This all makes me think of David Crowder's new book "Praise Habit". Although I have only read the 2 different intros and the back of the book, I feel that I can relate. The book is about finding God in the mundane. Know that nothing here at Hephzibah is mundane, these kids keep you sharp for sure. But it's when they leave that the idleness starts to set in. I just want to sleep or read or watch a movie. Last night after I took at nap from 6:30 till 8:00 I decided that it was time for a walk. It took my new reading material and headed for the dock. I called my folks and then ironically enough read about how important beauty is to God. Sitting on a small dock with the water smooth as glass reflecting the tall green tress of Georgia and the pink color of the sunset made me realize that when you look to see God at work, it is very easy to find him,(I'm pretty sure I heard frogs getting it on too). God has so much for us if we just ask him to show us and if we really look for it, He will come through and open our eyes. It does take effort sometimes but as the saying goes anything that is worth doing usually does take effort. Watch the sunset tonight and listen for the frogs...or maybe the birds singing to on another.


Candice said...

great reminder. if we try,we can see God in everything. even the hard things.

macon, ga. sweet--i will be there June 9-13 for a wedding. :)


Kelly said...

It was great to see ya this weekend!

Joel said...

sorry to hear your as bored as I am. Call me and we will share our boredom together.

looy said...

thanks for a great weekend!!! hope you still saw God's beauty in the surroundings of my home town.

You are so great!