Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Current Readings & listenings and Others

In light of it being Tuesday, new everything day I thought I would update you all on what I am listening to these days and reading.
I'll start with reading because it's the shorter of the two. Pretty much the Bible. I did pick up "Slaughter House-Five" over the weekend from Looy. She had to read it so I'm gonna give it a whirl (I've got time). I'm also reading something that will go unnamed for now but it is great.

While at home I was able to get some new listening for my iPod from Gabe. Lovedrug, Mates of State, DJ AlCo. But the guy who has been tucking me in at night is Amos Lee. I have linked up with my buddy Brett and I'll let him give his much better description of it. I think of Mr. Lee as a jazzy folk artist. He is on Blue Note Records and he sounds like it. It's very jazzy R&B and striped. Sometimes I hear an echo of Gavin DeGraw, but way better in my oppion. The vocals are very smooth and the album is produced very well.

Other news, Looy and I have been together for seven months now! That is crazy! It has been a blast to be with her. Due to Memorial Day Weekend, I didn't have to work on Monday. So Looy told me Thursday night that she was going to come and pick me up and take me to her house for the long weekend. It was a great time. Sunday night we went down to their river. Augusta has a very nice river walk. It was cool but we sat at the amplatheater (sp) and just talked looking over the river. It was beautiful. Looy is absolutely the most amazing person ever! We talk about anything and everything and still I think one of my favorite things about her is her sensitive heart to God's whisper. You captivate me and inspire me Loo! I love you!


Joel said...

I do believe that was the first use of the "L" word in one of your blogs. Thats a big step. Congrats on a cool thing. Send a girl my way will ya.

Brett said...

i guess great minds think alike...or just listen to the same music!

looy said...

:) you can always make me smile. thanks darling :)
i love you nathan!!!