Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Sun and Fun

Our first day of real camp came in like a morning cloud and throughout the day proved to be a storm. The storm has now pasted and my mind has rested. Yesterday was one the most unusual days of my life. I was convinced that these kids all hard severe hearing problems. I asked one little child if he could hear me. "Can you hear me?!" I shouted. "If you can, then count to 5" "uh... 1 2 8 10." At least he could hear somewhat. I didn't care though. The day finally came to a close with me nodding off at dinner and trying to pretend that I wanted to still eat with these people. We had a much needed meeting that night. One girl almost broke down, and rightly so. I was so tiered that all my comments where directed to making fun of ourselves so that we would be able to make it. The question was asked to the returning counselor from last year Jake, "Is it going to be like this the whole summer? Because I will not make it." The most beautiful thing that will ever be spoken this summer was what followed. "No, it wont. This week will be very hard and at the end you will be literally crying out to God 'I can't do this any more!' and God's response will be 'I know, now let me take over.'" The wise and very kind Jake stated that we will become so broken that only God's strength will get us through. Anytime we try to do it on our own, it just will not work and we will once again be humbled at the grace and strength of our King.
Needless to say, today in comparison was amazing. The "deaf" could here, better. The sun wasn't as hot and the activities were more enjoyable. In life we can't not control things that happen only how we react to them. I choose to stop trying and to let God take control of this. It's about loving kids and throwing seeds. It's God's job to make them grow.

Hope all is well. MXPX's new album came out today, be sure to check that out, as did Coldplay's new one.

-sweating and loving

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