Thursday, June 30, 2005

"Blank Inside"

I did this last week and told myself I would never do it again. Well I did it tonight.
I was at Books-A-Million just walking around and I decided to see if they had any cool cards. Ones with really neat pictures on the front or cool sayings, usually the "Blank Inside" ones are the best. I picked one up, and looked at it and opened it! I did the exact same thing last week! On my drive home I was just thinking of how simple minded that was. Makes you wonder who's blank inside?

Tomorrow should be a good day. We are taking the kids to the lake in the afternoon. It will be Jermainme and me and 16 little kids! How much fun can one guy have! Then hopefully Looy and I are going into the city (ATL) to see Lovedrug and Eisley (cross your fingers). It should be an amazing show. Hope your Friday is spent with people you love, doing something new together!

1 comment:

Jo said...

haha. ok, I'll admit that I have done that card thing too....blankety blank blank...