Tuesday, June 28, 2005

The Fire In Your Eyes

Things down at HCH are going well. The weekend was great with my parents stopping by Friday night. We ate at Ingelside Village Pizza and then hit the coffee shop afterwards. Thomas is here this week working a soccer camp with his high school coach. Afterwards he is stay the next week with me and that will be a good time. Then the following week, the most amazing thing that happens once a year will take place. G-force will return to Holden Beach North Carolina!

Saturday I went up to Augusta to be with Looy for the weekend. I missed her birthday last weekend because of a wedding. I think I did fairly well with the gift selection. I did make a mistake in getting her a gift card for Express. I had it on good authority that it would be fine. To make up for my blunder, we went to Express and shopped together. Looy first tried on these pants that looked really good. I told her and she hesitated in her response and asked for a different size. They of course didn't have it so she tried on another style. These pants looked even more amazing. I told her and she gave me the same response. So naturally me trying to be a servant and one step ahead of the game said, "do you need a bigger size?" Looy's eyes lit up like fireballs! "What!" came out of her mouth like I had never heard it before. I stood there for a sec. thinking what did I do. So push me away so she could shut the dressing room door and I then knew what I had just done.
I felt horrible and depseratley tried to defend my actions and explain myself and apologize. It was one of those things that guys just do and I can only learn from it and move on.

I hope you are all learning new things


looy said...

i was not mad...just hurt. and i did get those pants and wore them yesterday to work. thanks nathan, it was a wonderful birthday, late.

This Girl said...

I thought that was funny. Is that bad?