Monday, June 20, 2005

No Voice and a Tux: Part Two

Well the wedding went beautifully! Jon and Janna both looked amazing. The speach...well could have gone better. My voice contenued to get worse though out the day so by the time 8:00 came around it was crazy sounding. Something like a little girl crossed with a 55 year old chain smoker? It was bad and the more I talked the higher it would go. I was introduced and the audiance was warned that I had lost my voice but after my first words, they were all laughig. I guess they didn't believe it was that bad. But it was funny, well they kept laughing. I'm going to let my self believe that it was the combination of what I was saying and what I sounded like. Anyway it was a great weekend up in OHIO! We went boating and that was a blast. And pretty much just chilled. It was great.

My drive home was great, I stayed wide awake the whole time. When I got to ATL, I took a detor to meet up with Looy at some exit. It was great. Let me just say, she looked really good! She's pretty much the most beautiful girl, but last night was like, Good Grief! Anyway, it was a great weekend. Hope all is well and I'll post more later


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looy said...

you make me blush